Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parks Day: After the fact

We had quite a fun day wandering Banff. Mostly stuck to the in town touristy things like wandered downtown and hit up the candy shop, the Upper Hot Springs and had a nice lunch out.

There was a fun little celebration in the open space by the Banff Park Museum. Lots of music and information and some fun activities for the kids (my son LOVED making the paddle.. which he promptly gave away to some family we were also visiting lol).

It was a perfect day out to just relax and enjoy ourselves with a change of pace.

Now to prepare and plan for some other things. Upcoming are more festivals around the city (always lots of festivals!), as well as some camping plans and maybe some wandering around elsewhere outside the city.

But coming up this weekend is some Sun and Salsa time (¿Es picante? ¡Si! ) and Fiestaval. Of course with Heritage Day only a week away it's time for all those Historic Calgary Tours, starting this weekend also. Hmm what to do.. what to do..

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