Thursday, May 17, 2012

Here comes ths spring again..

Or who knows what it is in Alberta right? This week we've gone from nice and hot to cold and rainy (with just a little snow in for good measure). Just about two weeks ago we went from snow to hot in the space of 24 hours, and on the hot day decided to go for the first picnic of the year!

While on his wanderings my silly ole bear stumbled upon Pearce Estate Park. We found a few geocaches (yay!) and took a wander near the weir, watching as some kayakers wandered from the parking area to the water. Brave, it's barely spring! Especially the day after a snowfall!

It was a lovely day though, got the fire going for a few hot dogs and enjoyed the sunshine before wandering more and before we left we were treated to a show by the Dragon's Own who were practicing there.

A few pictures.

Picnic 001
While searching for the first cache we came across this painting on a rock.

Picnic 011
A pretty little waterfall, it was a picturesque spot, everyone was snapping shots of themselves here!

Picnic 010
A butterfly! Unfortunately we aren't in the migration path so I love to see them out and about when I can. :)

Picnic 004

Picnic 012
And where would all the marsh and water be without some waterfowl?

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